Michael J. "Dinosaur" Campbell's
The Boogaloo Kings

The Boogaloo Kings are a supremely entertaining rock-solid combo. The eight piece band includes: drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, female and male vocalists, a horn section, percussionist, with our instrumentalists sharing double-duty on lead and background vocals.

The Boogaloo Kings have played from the downtown lofts in Manhattan to the Tavern Green,,, From the clubs in New York City to the clubs and festivals in Paris, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Why do they call us? Because we know how to rock a party! Whether we're singing' 1940's style at a cool volume or funkin' it up 90's style loud...we don't take the soul out of the music. Frequently Asked Questions

Our World Class experieces include:
The Peace Academy International's lifetime achievement awards ceremony
at the United Nations for Stevie Wonder..
Kevin Spacey party at Lot 61
Opening party for Comedy Central
Apollo Theater, Toko , Japan
Stockholm Jazz and Blues Festival, Stockholm , Sweden
Everybody's wedding

Special Feature

Included with the band is a unique sampling keyboard called the DJ - 70. We can "personalize" your (event) by playing sound-bites and samples which would help to punctuate the " special moments" of your party/event.

Please call for more details regarding this unique and personal feature provided by The Boogaloo Kings!

The Music

Typically at our parties we dig out of our repertoire a mixed-bag of swinging Jazz, Rock, Soul, Contemporary Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Motown, Funk, Disco, New Orleans, Salsa and some Ethnic medleys. We cover many artists and their songs from the 30's to the 90's. Sample Song List

Michael J. Campbell is the Boogaloo King. He's the music director, Master of Ceremonies and leader of the Boogaloo Kings.

Over the last 25 years he's been leading his own bands at numerous parties and weddings from New York City to all four corners of the world. Michael J. Campbell is one entertaining, singing and guitar playing monster! In addition he's played, performed, jammed, recorded and or produced with virtual history of pop, rock, jazz, rhythm and blues and soul artists including:
Stevie Wonder, Keith Richards, Chaka Khan, Randy Crawford, Los Lobos, Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley, Bernie Worrell, Sam and Dave, The Ma Ma's and the Pa Pa's, The drifters and the Marvelettes.

What is a Boogaloo!

Boogaloo (Boog a Loo) 1. To move, shake and wriggle the body in time to supremely soulful music, do a sort of boogaloo.

2.n. A shuffling, shoulder-swinging dance: feet doing a fast boogaloo in the grass-Steven King..

3v. They boogaooled down the street.

4. Modifier: That's really great music, man, boogaloo music-Rolling Stone.

5. Modifier:go out and have a boogaloo good time - Village Voice.

Boogaloo King 1. The one, the only...


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