DJ-70 Sampling Keyboard

by Roland

The DJ-70 is a new keyboard designed primarily for use in the Dance Music Production World. It's a stereo 16-bit linear keyboard capable of pristine sound reproduction. What all this means in plain English is that we can play any sound (sample) from this keyboard. One way we use the DJ-70 is to play samples from any audio source, video or audio cassette, CD or television show and play the samples back through our sound system during a few of the special moments of your party-reception. Personalizing these moments.

For Example:

-You're best man is ready to make a toast, speech. Let's say he's a big fan of the Austin Powers films. I formally announce him to your guest and you hear Mike Myers in his best English accent say "Yea Baby, Very groovy"......or....... Of honor. I introduce her, she walks in the room and you hear Robert Deniro, from the film Analyze say, "You, You're good, You're Very Very Good". Personalizing and adding a bit of humor to these special moments!

The Possibilities are Endless!

Imagine any sound, sample, theme song, fanfare trumpet section, Presidential theme music, James Bond's them, the Simpson's theme song, typewriter clicking away, a cat, dog, Yankee stadium cheering section, audience laughter, clapping. We even have Tarzan's famous call of the wild! Any special moment that could be personalized, accentuated with a bit of humor, during speeches, introductions, toasts, we can play a sample for!

Musically speaking we can use the DJ-70 to recreate and play drumbeats, horn lines, percussion and vocal samples from any music past or present. Mixing these samples in with the power of a great Live Band makes for the best of both worlds. You get the personality, feel and real-life-soul of the live band together with the sounds and samples of today's biggest hits!

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