Michael J.Campbell's
The Boogaloo Kings

What You Say!


Dear Michael,
 It's with Great pleasure that I send you accolades. I'm searching carefully for fresh superlatives to carry my appreciation and dancing shoes. Patrick and I would say "The Boogaloo Kings are the only party band for us". I hope we never get married again but if we do The Boogaloo Kings led by Michael J. Campbell will be catching my bouquet.
 Michael J. Campbell as a musician and band leader creates a joyous and raucous mood. But watch out-he will lift the roof off your head. He knows how to take the pulse of the crowd and then send it racing or funk it down. You choose. If you've got a dance thing, do it with the Boogaloo Kings.

Boogie Down,
Catherine Dodge Smith Doyle & John Patrick Doyle  /  Feb. 14, 2000

35th Anniversary Party

Dear Michael,
 From mellow, soft toe-tapping jazz to knee-slapping blues and foot-stomping rock, your group ebbed and flowed with our party's ever changing personality with professional sophistication.
 Your song styling, volume and song selections were appropriate and never proved either too powerful or under whelming.
 Thanks for helping make a once in a life time event (our company's 35th anniversary party) one that will be remembered for its class and charisma.

Most sincerely
Ira Guberman

The Boogaloo Kings

 I'm a musician myself. I have never seen anyone put on a show like Michael J. "Dinosaur" Campbell and his bands, The Boogaloo Kings and Musclefunk. He has a natural talent for turning people on! The record industry has really missed the boat on seeing, recording or promoting bands like Boogaloo Kings, Muscle funk or ever Urban Blight. If I were rich I'd back them myself. These guys have killer tunes too!
 I recommend seeing Michael J's Boogaloo Kings and Musclefunk as many times as you can because performers like this are one in a million. And suddenly, you never get to see this kind of art again! Check 'em out they're on Fire!

Bonnie Bowers (e-mail gekko@echonyc.com)

Holiday Office Party

Dear Mike:
 I'd like to thank you for performing at our holiday office party. Your talent and professionalism helped make our party a success.
 The music selection was excellent-you had everyone up and singing along and dancing. You are definitely our first choice for our next party.
 Just for the record...I have been told that "This is the best Christmas party this company has ever had."

Thanks Again
Cathy Phin
Vice President-Operations.

Cinco De Mayo - Birthday Party

Hi Mike
 Just a little note to thank you for making my husband's 39th birthday one to remember. I'm sending you this accolade for others to read, so their parties will also be one to remember.

 Being in the web/music business, I see many bands, but it's not very often I come across a group that turns me into a groupie, Michael's Rock & Roll Band, Muscle Funk being one of them. Then we were introduced to Michael's softer side and his Wedding/Party Band - 'The Boogaloo Kings'. He certainly made a lasting impression with all the members of our party. They had a great time and hung out until the very last note was played.
 My husband share's his birthday with Mexico's Independence Day - Cinco De Mayo, so what better way to celebrate his day than with this funky Latino/Jazz/Salsa band, which will have you swaying with it's mellow sound one moment and jumping onto the dance floor for a little meringue/salsa the next. I couldn't recommend more highly Michael J. Campbell - 'The Boogaloo Kings' for any occasion where you need first rate entertainment.

Anne Loye-Elder / May 5th 2000