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Michael J. Campbell's
The Boogaloo Kings

You're having a party!
You are going to spend some $$$...

You want to have a good time... but more important, you want your guests to have a great time.

And... you want this party to be remembered in 5, 10, and even 20 years!

 That's exactly what we did at a party for the New York Rangers.
This party peaked with the BK's songs and grooves inciting the guests into a funky disco conga- line which inspired the other guests to dancing on the tables!
We have the music for your party that your guests won't ever forget.
Sample Song List

 Typically at our parties we dig out of our repertoire a mixed-bag of swinging Jazz, Rock, Soul, Contemporary Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Motown, Funk, Disco, New Orleans, Salsa and some Ethnic medleys. We cover many artists and their songs from the 30's to the 90's. Video

 Let us know, what type of memory you want your guests to be left with; soft relaxing jazz; cool blues; rock & roll; 70's - 80's disco or even a crazy funky party , which ever you prefer,
we can do it!  Frequently Asked Questions

 Muscle Funk is the little baby brother of Boogaloo Kings. It's the original project dreamed up by Michael J. Campbell ten years ago. Check out this site to see Mike perform at a downtown rockin' nightclub. Muscle Funk