Michael J. "Dinosaur" Campbell's
The Boogaloo Kings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you experienced?
A. Michael J. Campbell has been leading his own bands at numerous parties and weddings from New York City to all four corners of the world, for the last 25 years.

Q. Does the band have references ?
A. Plenty of happy references...upon request

Q.Can we see a song list ?
A. Yes! Sample Song List Q.Can we hear a sample of your music ?
A. Yes! Click here for a Music & Video sample

Q.Does the band play requests or learn particular songs that we ecpecially like?
A. Absolutely! Just let us know in advance and we'll be happy to play any songs you like.

Q.Does the Band travel outside of the city ?
A. Anywhere! We've played in Nantucket, South Carolina, Paris, Rome, Germany, on top of the World Trade Center.

Q. Where do you advertize?

A. Over the years our best advertising has been "word of mouth", but you will find us in some of your local papers and bridal magazines

Q.Do you have music for a wedding ceremony or a cocktail hour?
A. Yes! We have classical guitar and flute for a ceremony, we also have many options for a cocktail hour.

Other questions?... Call us anytime